The city of Safford held a public meeting at the City Council meeting room on May 2, and the attendees heard a private development firm present plans for developing a piece of land the city owns that adjoins the west side of the Safford Cemetery, bounded by Discovery Park Boulevard and Eighth Avenue.

I was at the meeting. I listened and watched the wonderful PowerPoint presentation and enjoyed eating a cookie and some great fresh fruit. It was a classy meeting for sure. I am familiar with this unusual property, triangle shaped. All the ideas presented at the meeting I believe were designed to promote 100 percent support from the attendees. When I look at the small piece of land and hear they're thinking about so many elements — 500-seat amphitheater, zip lines, pickleball courts, splash pad, playground equipment, cornhole area, etc., plus parking between the canal and Eighth Avenue from where we then walk across one pedestrian bridge to get to the actual park (think about the gazebo park at Graham County Fairgrounds and the foot bridge over the mote from the parking lot) — then it begs me to question why this location is the only location being considered.

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