PHOENIX — When it comes to the sale of medical marijuana, all days are not considered equal.

Especially if it’s April 20.

That’s become a sort of unofficial marijuana day because of the 4-20 designation.

Why 4-20?

One urban legend suggests that was at one time the radio code used by California police to designate active marijuana smokers, though there is little evidence to back that up.

Another that has gained more credibility in recent years links it to a group of San Rafael, Calif., students who would meet at 4:20 after school to get high.

Then there’s the references to how it weeded its way into pop culture, with at least one scene in “Pulp Fiction” showing the clocks in a pawn shop set at 4:20.

And then there’s the 2003 California law clarifying that state’s legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. It’s SB 420.

Whatever the genesis, the idea has stuck. And retailers have taken advantage of it.

Several dispensaries had special sales on their products on that day, with some finding lines of customers going out the door.

And all that showed up in the reports the outlets have to report to the state Department of Health Services.

The average amount of marijuana sold at dispensaries in Arizona for 29 of the 30 days is in the neighborhood of 400 pounds, averaging 15,000 transactions per day.

And on 4/20? The tally hit 1,300 pounds, with cash changing hands close to 50,000 times.

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