Craig Brittain

Craig Brittain, via Instagram

PHOENIX — Arizona U.S. Senate hopeful Craig Brittain made headlines Monday after the owner of a company that helps candidates gather the petition signatures needed to qualify for the ballot said Brittain sent him racist text messages when he declined to work for the longshot campaign.

The messages sent to Drew Chavez, who owns Petition Partners, is far from the only example of Brittain’s online tirades.

Chavez was born in Safford, and his parents were both born in Bisbee. His wife and children are also American citizens.

In the text, which Chavez quoted on his Twitter, Brittain said, “(Expletive) piece of (expletive) be glad you even get to stay in my country. Can’t wait to deport some of you family members. MAGA

“Deport all invaders and deport anyone who is anti-deportation or pro-amnesty along with them.

“You are trash just like the invaders. Move to Mexico.

“You won’t help because you are just like all the other lazy invaders on welfare coming across the border.”

Brittain, who has run unsuccessfully for the same seat in the past, is most well known for owning a now-defunct revenge porn website. 

Since the site failed and Brittain was slapped with an FTC complaint as well as an FBI investigation, Brittain has moved into the political fringes. 

He has also been behind some ideas such as his own version of Uber called Dryvyng, which, when a prospective venture capitalist declined to invest in, Brittain went on a racist tirade against him.

“You need to learn respect and to learn to listen, especially to racially superior people,” Brittain allegedly said in the screenshots reported on by Mic in 2017. “Later you (expletive) raghead piece of (expletive).” 

It also wasn’t the first time Brittain lashed out at a potential investor for Dryvyng. 

In 2015, Brittain said to one potential investor, “I hope you get a terminal illness.”

More recently, Brittain was alleged to have gone off on Kim Coulter, niece to famed conservative pundit Ann Coulter, when she confronted him about how he conducted some of his business on his group chat. 

“Society would benefit if anyone who disliked me just killed themselves,” Brittain is alleged to have said in the conversation with Coulter. “Just get the rope, or the belt, or the bag, or whatever method you like, and just go do it. I’ll celebrate at their funerals, too.”

Brittain called the texts reported Monday by the Arizona Capitol Times “fake news,” despite the number associated with the texts being the same one on his campaign website. 

Brittain also recently lost a bid in federal court to sue Twitter to force the company to reinstate his account after it was suspended. However, that hasn’t stopped “unaffiliated” accounts from popping up.

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