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Author Guajardo will appear at Gila Valley Comic-Con

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Angela B.M. Guajardo

Angela B.M. Guajardo is an author of YA fantasy and has five books published, plus one Riddick fan fiction piece (so far). A sixth book is slated to be released later in 2018, along with a second Riddick fan fiction.

She describes herself as a "dragon slayer, kitty cuddler and lover of puppy butt wiggles, but mostly a Kajiit with a kleptomaniac streak in ESO, occasionally a Night Elf druid who runs around in tree form yelling, 'hum-ah-nah-haaa!' and sometimes a gnome with green hair that slings fireballs and gets punted like a football.

"Eventually, whenever this happens, she’ll stop panicking long enough to remember her slow fall spell and enjoy a soft landing. Until then, the short jokes are just going to keep, ahem, flying."

Guajardo will display her work at Gila Valley Comic-Con, on March 23-24, on the campus of Eastern Arizona College.


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