The No. 21, 1919, Graham Guardian

The No. 21, 1919, Graham Guardian

SAFFORD — According to the Nov. 21,1919 Graham Guardian, it was Safford’s second “big” boxing card — but for one of the winners, it was his 127th bout.

Layton Hall was the place, and 9 p.m. the time, of the Safford Athletic Association’s second boxing event. Before the main event, local talents had their time in the ring — starting with Luther McAlister and Clyde Scarlett. The Guardian reported “not much science, but plenty of punching” in this opening bout, which ended in a draw after four rounds.

Billy Alger, of Sanchez, came out on top in bout two against Morenci fighter Young Victor, after a six-round match. A Duncan boxer, Mack Spaw, scored a knockout against Miami, Ariz.’s Connie Holguin; as the Guardian put it, Spaw “ended Holguin’s fistic career for the night” with a fourth-round straight jab to the jaw.

Then came the main event, between two Texans — lightweights Bobby Waugh and Carl “Caveman” Carlson. Waugh had 126 fights behind him when he stepped into the Layton Hall ring; it was Carlson’s fifth.

The Guardian said Waugh “certainly leads his class as a fighter,” and it showed that November night. Though a bloodied Carlson “put up a splendid fight” for two rounds, Waugh brought the evening to an end with a knockout against the “Caveman” in the third.

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