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Dear Elizabeth,

I keep hearing all this talk from the so-called Gen X about how Millennials are ruining the world and that we have no idea how to live in the “real world.” That we live on social media and rely on the internet for everything, but really, who’s fault is that?

We have spent the first 22 years of our lives being told what to do, following directions, going to school; we get into college, and do the same. Once graduated, we are basically thrown to the wolves with no way of surviving.

I am speaking for all Millennials when I say, this is not our fault. Our parents, and our teachers haven’t taught us how to live without someone telling us what to do. How can I get rid of the Millennial stigma and start living my best life?

No. 1 Millennial

Dear No. 1 Millennial,

I think you said it in your letter, you weren’t taught how to live in the real world. OK, so learn. Why do you rely on parents or teachers to show you when you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself?

Let me put it this way: put your phone down and pay attention to what is going on around you. Read a book, go on an adventure, talk to people (not texting, but talking).

You would be surprised what you learn from others. Find that old-timer sitting alone at a restaurant, and ask about his life and truly listen.

The only problem I see with the Millennial generation, is the lack of human interaction. Ask questions, have conversations that don’t require social media or your phone. Go two days, completely unplugged. You would be surprised about how differently you see this beautiful, neglected world that we live in.

Dear Elizabeth,

I have been in a committed relationship for more than three years. I love my boyfriend with everything that I have. We live together, and do everything together, but everytime I mention getting married, he completely changes the subject or it turns into a big fight.

I love this man and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I do not want to be a lifetime girlfriend. How do I get him to finally marry me?

Never a bride

Dear Never a Bride,

Have you asked your boyfriend why he balks at the thought of marriage? There might be some underlying reason why he refuses to get married.

I understand not wanting to be a lifetime girlfriend, and you really need to re-evaluate your relationship. Is not getting married a deal breaker? Do you, perhaps, love him more than he loves you? How will your relationship dynamic change once that marriage license is signed?

These are all things that you need to think about. You deserve to be happy — everyone does — so what would truly make you happy? I hope this helps.

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