The ice caves are a dark and often harrowing world secreted away below the surface of Mount Graham, not far from Soldier Creek. 

Nothing is more frightening than being alone in a cave, deep below ground.

Imagine – in the dim illumination from your dollar-store flashlight – all you can see is bats, bat dung, and tall, jagged rocks. You've been out of sunlight for so long, you forget what it feels like to see your surroundings. You climb down rocks so tall it would be certain death if you slipped; and you can't figure out if it’s more terrifying to look at the bottom with your flashlight or stare into an abyss.


The steepness of the rock walls and the distance of the potential fall make the ice caves an adventure best reserved for those who are physically fit and experienced.


At the bare minimum, a visit to the caves requires a reliable headlamp and appropriate footwear.

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