Kenneth Angle

After nearly 20 years of service, Graham County Attorney Kenneth Angle has decided not to seek re-election this year.

SAFFORD — Graham County Attorney Kenneth Angle, who has served in that position for close to 20 years, recently announced that 2020 will be his final year in office.

Angle was first elected County Attorney in November 2000, took office Jan. 1, 2001 and has headed the department ever since.

“It has been my honor and my privilege to serve as the Graham County Attorney,” said Angle, who announced in a Feb. 10 press release that he would not seek re-election.

“I believe it is time to pass the torch on to another person to carry on this great work,” he said.

Angle said the Attorney’s Office has prosecuted approximately 1,000 criminal cases a year during his time in office, including 14 homicides since 2006. The latter number includes the pending case against William Marengo, accused of the double murder of Sabrena Martin and Ruben Morales. Angle said that, along with Graham County’s growth, his office has seen a significant increase in homicides and violent cases.

Angle added that his office has prosecuted hundreds of aggravated assaults and dangerous crimes against children. “It is a never-ending battle,” he said. “The county attorney’s job is a difficult one with significant responsibilities. I do not believe most people realize how many serious cases we prosecute that demand meticulous attention.

“My job has been made easier by being surrounded with good law enforcement officers who share the vision of fighting crime and excellent prosecutors working by my side. I would venture to guess that I have one of the best administrative staffs in all of Arizona.”

Angle’s final day in office will be Dec. 31, 2020.

Chief Deputy Attorney L. Scott Bennett, whom Angle called “the most seasoned prosecutor in Graham County,” has announced his intention to run for the office this fall.

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