Red's Convenience Store

Three suspects reportedly broke into Red’s Convenience Store on Highway 70 last week in an attempt to steal alcohol and cigar wraps.

BYLAS — Several law enforcement agencies responded to an apparent burglary attempt at Red’s Convenience Store on W. Highway 70 last week.

Officers from the San Carlos Police Department, Graham County Sheriff’s Office and Pima Police Department were dispatched after multiple alarms went off at the store. According to a GCSO report, the front door was found extensively damaged, with broken glass on both sides, and multiple windows had been smashed. The store’s owner later estimated the damage to be well over $1,000.

No subjects were located in or around the store, but shoeprints were reportedly found behind Red’s. The prints reportedly led into the desert, then back toward the highway. The bars inside one window were broken; it was determined the suspects had entered and left through that window.

Several liquor bottles were found outside, and more were discovered in a backpack and laptop case behind the store. According to the GCSO report, approximately 30 bottles of alcohol of different brands and sizes were recovered, along with numerous cigar wraps. Cash was reportedly taken from the register, but most of it was apparently left on the floor. Officers also recovered an iPad and a golf club from behind the building. The store owner reportedly identified the former as his and said the latter was a pawned item inside the store.

The burglars also reportedly damaged several exterior cameras and motion sensor lights, leaving one camera on the ground, but the owner was able to pull up surveillance footage. According to the GCSO report, the video captured three individuals with hooded jackets covering their faces; two entered the store while the third remained outside, apparently as a lookout.

According to the report, the store owner later informed the GCSO that the San Carlos Police had identified two suspects, whom the owner believed to be juveniles. The owner reportedly said he was told one suspect was in an area hospital, apparently having been beaten, and would be arrested on tribal charges once cleared from the hospital. The third suspect remained unidentified.

The Courier reached out to the San Carlos Police Department but did not receive an immediate reply.

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