The Thatcher Town Council Monday unanimously approved preliminary plans for a 24-lot residential subdivision that will be built near 12th Street and Sandy Creek Drive.

Although residents Rick Bryce and Mike McEuen expressed concern about the fact the neighborhood will only have one paved access road, instead of the two called for in town code, a handful of other residents told the council they were in favor of the subdivision.

Seth Carlsen’s “Desert View Estates” will feature one acre lots he believes makes the community “a better place” and resident Isaac Morris said he agrees.

Morris expressed concerns that if the subdivision isn’t given final approval, wildcat subdivisions will crop up or an even bigger developer will attempt to create a subdivision with one-quarter acre lots.

Carlsen is doing it the right way, Morris and David Kempton told the council.

Town Engineer Tom Palmer noted that although town code may call for two paved access roads, at least three other subdivisions have been approved with just one recently.

They did make one change to the preliminary plat, however. They told Carlsen he does not need to include sidewalks anymore after Palmer said most cities don’t require them with one-acre plots.

In other matters, the town’s cemetery committee provided the council with an updated cemetery resolution and told them some of the things they’ll be including in their three-year plan next budget season.

It’s been 19 years since the cemetery resolution has been updated, Veta Estrada, committee chairwoman, said after the meeting.

They took out some redundancies and brought it into compliance with state regulations, she said.

As for the three-year plan, Estrada said they plan to ask the town to fund new fencing with gates, a part-time maintenance employee who would eventually become full-time, repairs and additional curbing. They’d also like to see the historical section of the cemetery recognized in some way, she said.

Overall, the nine-member committee would like to see more uniformity, neatness and beauty, Estrada said.

“We’re just concerned that there’s no reverence and respect for the cemetery,” Estrada said.

Because it’s an open area, people race their bikes and ATVs through the area and leave their garbage, she said.

To help pay for the improvements, the committee will be suggesting an increase in plot rates, Estrada said.

Right now single plots in the Thatcher Cemetery are $300 and the average statewide is $2,945, she said.

Town Manager Heath Brown said the committee’s recommendations will be discussed again during budget workshops in February and March. He said he believes the council is likely to vote against any price increases, preferring instead to use general funds to improve and maintain the cemetery.

Mayor Randy Bryce also expressed concern at Monday’s meeting, saying he doesn’t want the town to drive families away from the cemetery by significantly raising prices.

Brown also informed the town council Monday that he will be publishing a request for proposals for the former Red Lamp Mobile Park.

The town brought the former RV/trailer park four years ago and cleaned up the property, but now wants to sell it to a business that can beautify the land and possibly bring in revenue for the town, Brown said.

Those who hope to purchase the 4.4 acres will be asked such things as what they want to do with the land, how they plan to finance it and how long their project will take, Brown said.

Once all of the proposals are in, the council will take a vote.

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