LITTLE HOLLYWOOD — Dumpsters and cleanup dates are on the horizon for state lands in Little Hollywood.

One of the major issues plaguing the Little Hollywood community, located on the outskirts of Safford, is rampant trash dumping and illegal squatting. Small lots of state trust land are impacted heavily by these issues.

Over the past year and a half, the Graham County Board of Supervisors has worked with the County Planning and Zoning Department to clean the area. In a large step forward, the state of Arizona has granted Graham County the ability to evict illegal squatters and clean state land. The ongoing Little Hollywood situation was highlighted at the Graham County Board of Supervisors work session Monday.

“We’ll take each block a month at a time and start with the eastern edge, where the majority of the state lots are grouped together and there’s not but maybe one private resident living there,” said Graham County Planning and Zoning Director Joe Goodman.

“We’re working with SEACAB (South Eastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful) to where they can be out there; and once we have that, we’ll send out letters to everyone, let them know where Dumpsters are going to be and also give them SEACAB’s information,” said Graham County Manager Dustin Welker. “They (SEACAB) are a charitable organization that takes donations; we’re kind of negotiating a donation that we would make to SEACAB about cleaning up the state lands for us.”

The county will be paying for the Dumpster rental and disposal. As for the larger items such as burnt-out buses and abandoned mobile homes, the county is considering hiring a local contractor to demolish the items and haul them away.

The county has posted several signs in Little Hollywood depicting a map of the community and highlighting state lands. On the signs are several dates, including eviction dates that began Aug. 16. The final deadline at the bottom of the sign is Oct. 7, 2019, which is the day for the county and Sheriff’s Office to evict and/or remove remaining noncompliant “issues.”

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