With its clinic nearly doubling in size by early next year, Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center officials believe they’ll be better able to serve patients from Graham and Greenlee counties.

The Copper Mountain Clinic will move from their current 4,000 square feet, seven-room facility across the campus to a new 7,800 square feet facility with 14 exam rooms and one treatment room, sometime in the first three months of 2022.

The Copper Mountain Clinic offers primary care and gastroenterology services. The clinic also does annual physical exams, CDL physical exams for truck drivers and immunizations.

However, with the expansion, the clinic will also be adding three new positions; a primary care physician, a primary care nurse practitioner, and a behavioral health coordinator. There’s also the possibility of more positions being added in the future, said Shaylee Richards, Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center’s spokesperson.

“We’re expanding more as our community needs it,” Richards said.

The medical center’s most recent community health needs assessment study indicated there is a need for increased and improved mental and behavioral health care services in the community, Richards said.

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“Adding a new behavioral health counselor will allow the process of communicating and referring patients to a Behavioral Health Counselor to be streamlined, benefiting the patient,” Richards said in an email.

“It just feels good to expand and serve our community,” said Diane Hansen, the office manager of the Copper Mountain Clinic.

The architect for the new clinic space incorporated ideas and suggestions from staff members and providers to build and design the new space so it had a nice flow, Hansen said.

The clinic will be joined in the new office complex by their current neighbors, Mt. Graham Surgical Associates. They’ll also see an increase in the size of their space at the new office complex.

There are two other vacant spaces at the office complex, which the medical center has not decided what to do with yet.

Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center budgeted $7 million for the construction and completion of the new complex.

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