The number of people contracting COVID-19 and the number of people hospitalized because of the virus appear to be on the decline.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, just over 58,000 people contracted the virus Jan. 14-Jan. 21 and just over 43,000 were diagnosed with COVID-19 Jan. 22.-Jan. 28.

Additionally, nearly 4,600 people were in the hospital on Jan. 20, but that had dropped to 4,221 by Jan. 27.

The number of deaths over the last week has only fallen slightly. Just under 1,100 people died Jan. 14-Jan. 21. From Jan. 22-Jan. 28, 1,047 Arizonans died while battling the virus.

According to the state, roughly 518,000 Arizonans have received the COVID-19 vaccine and Greenlee County is leading the state in the amount of vaccines distributed per capita. Just over 1,500 Greenlee County residents have been inoculated. Graham County ranks 10th out of 15 states on a per capita basis. Just under 2,000 residents have received at least one shot.

As of Thursday morning, 1,803 out of Graham County’s COVID-19 patients are still sick and 65 have died. Of Greenlee County’s 518 patients, 111 are still sick and six have died.

The Graham County Health Department is partnering with ASU and the National Guard to provide another Saliva Based Testing Blitz Friday. Here are the details:

When: Friday 1/29 (7am-1pm)

Where: Graham County Fairgrounds

Who: Open to everyone!

Follow these easy steps to pre-register:

2) Log in / Create an Account

3) Enter site code: SALIVATEST

4) Choose “Graham County Fairgrounds” as Testing Site

5) Choose a time that works best for you.

Remember not to eat, drink or smoke for at least 30 minutes before your appointment.

Since the first Arizonan was diagnosed with COVID-19 last March, 743,232 Arizonans have contracted the virus and 12,819 have died.

Nationally, more than 25 million Americans have contracted the virus and 423,519 have died.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, there have been 794 lab-confirmed cases of the flu compared to five-year average of 9,940 by this point in the season. Five of the 794 flu patients live in Graham County.

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