Graham County officials announced Monday night that 35 more residents have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to 431 since the pandemic started. One week ago today, the county was at 312 cases. Two weeks ago, there were 207 patients.

Graham County Health Department Director Brian Douglas said that although the county is doing well when one looks at the per capita numbers, he can not predict when the county will start seeing a slowing of the spread.

"I don't see our numbers leveling out anytime soon," Douglas said.

Again, people need to wear face masks, wash their hands often and maintain their distance from others, he said. Most people who are contracting the illness lately tend to be younger and they are being exposed at work or at home.

Eighty-seven of Graham County's patients have recovered; six have died. 

Nine of the new patients are from Safford, four from Thatcher, two from Pima, and 20 from San Carlos Apache Tribe.  The ages of the 431 positive cases: (70) 20 and under, (171) 21-44 years old, (58) 45-54 years old, (47) 55-64, (85) 65 years old plus.

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