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Twelve more Graham County residents and one more Greenlee County resident were diagnosed with COVID-19 Sunday, bringing the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 152 in Graham County and 26 in Greenlee.

Of the Graham County cases, four cases are from Safford, and eight from San Carlos.

The ages of the 152 Graham County cases:(29) under 20, (40) 21-34 years old, (59) 35-64 years old, (24) 65 years old plus.

Thirty-three of the Graham County residents with COVID-19 have recovered and three have died. Eleven of the Greenlee County patients have recovered and one has died.

"Graham County has increased 60 COVID-19 cases in the last seven days. For the next several weeks, we are anticipating this trend to continue," said Graham County Health Director Brian Douglas. "We have to strengthen our efforts to slow the spread of the virus. It’s more important than ever to wear face coverings in public, social distancing by 6 ft, washing hands frequently, and staying home."

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