The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 600 new cases of COVID-19 Monday and four deaths. Last Monday, the state reported 1,030 new cases.

Since the start of the pandemic, 187,523 people in Arizona have caught the virus and 4,154 have died.

Graham County announced four new cases Sunday night. Of the county’s 549 documented cases, 16 have died and 179 have recovered. Fifty-eight of Greenlee County’s residents have contracted the virus. Two of them have died and 42 have recovered so far.

In Cochise County, 1,611 have gotten COVID-19. Eight of those patients were recorded Sunday. Of the total number of patients, 1,302 have recovered and 52 have died.

As of Sunday 1,575 people were in Arizona hospitals with COVID-19; last Sunday that number was 2,017.

On the national level, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported 54,590 new cases Sunday and 1,064 deaths. The total number of cases is just shy of 5 million and 161,284 people with the virus have died.

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United States - New COVID-19 cases by day

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