SAFFORD- With appointments dwindling due to the coronavirus precautions, at least one hair and nail salon owner is concerned, but keeping her doors open, for now.

The Priority One Salon in Safford was relatively quiet on Wednesday at noon but still had two clients getting their hair done.

Jackie Bryce, who has owned the salon for three years said the salon is trying to survive and stay open. In the effort to keep the presence of germs to a minimum, the salon has now limited the clients in the salon to one client per technician.

“I feel like we still have to live and go about our lives. If clients aren’t worried and willing to trust us, we’re going to stay open so we can keep paying our bills,” Bryce said.

In addition to limiting the number of customers inside, they’ve also decided to limit the number of children.

Bryce said they are closely monitoring the situation to see if the government imposes any more restrictions.

As far as cleaning, she said the salon has always kept high standards due to state regulations.

She hopes she’ll be able to remain open, for her co-workers’ sake.

“If I have to shut the doors I’m not so concerned about myself but about the girls who rent from me. A lot of them are single parents. So that’s scary too that so many single parents are out there and probably worried about how they’re going to feed their kids.”

Elizabeth Valenzuela, who is a nail, lashes, and hair tech voiced her concern over the salon’s elderly clients.

“A lot of times this is their way of socialization and one of the only outings that they do and it’s concerning what’s going to happen if we close,” said Valenzuela. “We have clients call for personal reasons because they need help. Sometimes they don’t know how to get money out of an ATM or they fell, or they need rides and they don’t have any family here.”

“We don’t just do their hair, we care for our elderly,” said Bryce. “My client the other day, I helped her take the money out of her bank because she didn’t know how to do it. We love our clients, especially our elderly. Our elderly come once a week or twice a week, and sometimes this is all they have.”

Nereece Rodriguez visited the salon to have her nails done and said she believes her personal hygiene is a good safeguard against the coronavirus.

“If I get it, I get it. But this area looks pretty clean, and she (her nail tech) made me use Germ-X. I feel confident that I will be all right,” said Rodriguez. “I like getting my nails done. I feel beautiful when I get my nails done, I’m not afraid.”

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