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Safford High School's seniors will be getting as traditional a graduation ceremony as possible, Safford Unified School District officials announced Tuesday.

In a letter to parents posted to Facebook, officials said that while they're still bound by executive orders put into place due to COVID-19, they want to give the students a normal graduation on May 20.

As of now, students will be required to wear masks for the ceremony, but they'll be able to decorate them. Social distancing will be enforced for the graduates while they're sitting and during the procession.

 In addition, each graduate will be allowed to invite four guests, but unused tickets can't be transferred to anyone else. Families will not be allowed on the football field after graduation, either. Graduation will be live streamed on for those unable to attend, however.

"Please understand that Safford High School is doing all we can to make this as traditional AND memorable graduation as possible under current pandemic restrictions. We thank you all for your understanding and helping our students get through this hard time," the letter stated.

Fort Thomas and Pima have not yet started their discussions, Superintendents Shane Hawkins and Sean Rickert said. 

"Thatcher High School is planning an in-person graduation with modifications due to COVID-19," said Matt Petersen, Thatcher Unified School District administrator. "Administration will continue to work with the high school student council, site council, teachers and parents to insure the best and safest graduation experience under the circumstances."

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