Another Safford resident has succumbed to COVID-19.

According to the Graham County Health Department, the victim was 45-54 years old and makes the 58th county resident to die while battling the virus since last March.

Over the last three days, 126 Graham County residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Of the 4,361 total residents who have gotten since, 1,663 remain so.

The Greenlee County Health Department diagnosed eight new cases Thursday and four on Friday. As of Saturday night, 129 out of 486 patients were still sick. Six residents have died.

Graham County's positivity rate as of Dec. 27, is 36.6% compared to the state's 24.4% and Greenlee County's 30%. The state routinely runs behind when reconciling its numbers and the figures from Dec. 27 are the latest ones available.

 As of Sunday, 11,266 Arizonans have died of COVID-19. Nearly 674,000 have caught the virus.

According to the state health department, 4,773 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 statewide as of Saturday and 1,118 were in ICU.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 394,495 Americans have died since Jan. 21, 2020 including 23,411 in the last seven days. A total of 23.6 millions have been diagnosed with the illness.

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