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Now that area schools’ extended spring breaks are ending, local school districts are tackling how to keep students’ engaged and occupied during the statewide education shutdown.

Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered all schools to remain shuttered until at least April 10 in the hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Over the past several days teachers in many school districts have taken to Facebook to tell students they miss them via video. Others have shared ideas and links to help parents keep their children occupied, being one. One member of the Pima PTO Facebook page even read “Green Eggs and Ham” to students.

In Willcox, families are being urged to share ideas, pictures and videos on Facebook illustrating what they are doing to get through the crisis.

This week, however, school districts and individual schools are starting to tell parents what their game plan is come Monday. Some districts are focusing on reviewing materials, others are stressing the need to challenge students.

Here is what we've gathered so far:

Fort Thomas: Teachers are handing out and picking up assignment packets on Mondays during the breakfast/lunch distribution at Stanley Hall.

Safford High School: Teachers will be reaching out via email and/or Google classroom on Monday. Students with individual education plans will be hearing from their case managers. If students don’t have access to technology, the school is working on other solutions.

Safford Middle School: Staff is meeting online March 25 to develop their plan after reviewing a survey regarding technology availability.

Willcox High School: Learning packets will be made available. The packets will be accepted upon the students’ return to school. A staff member will be available to provide extra support at (520) 384-8600.

Morenci Unified: Students will receive a digital learning plan if they have access to the Internet. Packets will be supplied to those who don’t. High school students will receive assignments via email that must be completed on their school-owned Chromebooks.

Thatcher Elementary: Beginning on Monday each student at Thatcher Elementary School will be given a packet of work for that week. The main items will be math, ELA/Reading, and some fun activities. Each student’s family should be contacted soon by the classroom teacher/homeroom teacher to determine if the packet should be delivered by the district transportation employees to the usual bus stops at the normal time or if the family would prefer to come by the school to pick up the packets of student work. The packets will be available for pickup in front of the school from 7:30 – 10 a.m. Monday. The completed packet should be returned the following Monday, when the second packet is handed out. If the packet was received at the bus stop, then the completed packet can be returned to the bus drivers.

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