In a letter to patrons posted on their website Friday, Dacona Smith, Walmart's executive vice president, announced that starting Saturday they'll only allow five customers for every 1,000 square feet of store space, which is roughly 20 percent of a store's capacity.

Associates will mark a queue at a single-entry door and direct arriving customers there, where they will be admitted one-by-one and counted. Associates and signage will remind customers of the importance of social distancing while they’re waiting to enter a store – especially before it opens in the morning.

Once a store reaches its capacity, customers will be admitted inside on a “1-out-1-in” basis.

In addition, Smith said customers will only be able to move one way through the aisles next week so limit close contact with others while they shop.

Once customers check out, they will be directed to exit through a different door than they entered, which should help lessen the instances of people closely passing each other.

"As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, our leaders and operations teams will continue to listen to advice from medical experts, associates and customers, and consider how we can best serve people while helping slow the spread of the virus," Smith said. "The health and safety of our associates and customers is what matters the most."

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