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A Graham County man is facing felony charges after two runs-ins with the same family on consecutive days.

According to two Graham County Sheriff’s Office reports, a family told deputies they were in town on Sept. 23 and Sept. 24 to make arrangements for a loved one’s funeral when they had two run-ins with Tyler Goucher, the son of the late woman’s boyfriend. The couple had recently died in a traffic accident.

On the first day, members of the family said they were at the dead woman’s trailer on South Critter Lane when Goucher came over from next door with a silver revolver demanding to know who they were, according to the report.

Two family members told deputies Goucher pointed the gun at them. One quoted Goucher as saying “he had every right to shoot them in the head and wouldn’t get into trouble for it,” while his finger was on the trigger and the hammer was pulled back.

Another told deputies Goucher pointed the gun at each of them, saying he was going to shoot “every one of them” and he didn’t care.

A third told deputies Goucher was holding the gun by the barrel, never threatened him and kept the gun at his side, according to the report.

The next day, one of the family members said she was back at the trailer when Goucher began yelling and throwing things and began banging on the side of the trailer.

According to the report, the woman said Goucher told her she needed to leave or he’d start “capping” her, the dogs and “everyone.”

When Goucher left, the woman said she got her daughter and left, but she was forced to get off the driveway when Goucher got into his truck, began to drive fast and “intentionally aggressive,” the report said.

The woman told the deputy she “had to hurry and get out of the way.”

During the incident, the woman said she was on the phone with her brother, who was driving nearby with three other family members.

According to the report, three of the four family members told the deputy they saw Goucher on Swift Trail after the woman told them she was forced off the driveway. They said he pointed a silver revolver out of his pickup truck window and started to follow them, but they lost him.

The woman’s mother told the deputy Goucher came after them in his pickup, but said she never noticed a gun.

Prosecutor Matt Clifford, who is handling the case for the Graham County Attorney’s Office, said Goucher has been charged with disorderly conduct and threatening and intimidating.

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