A Duncan man who was arrested on multiple drug charges after being found with 1,000 fentanyl pills and 50 grams of heroin is facing up to five years in prison after entering a plea agreement.

According to Graham County Superior Court records, Dylan Dewane Waters pleaded guilty last week to transportation for the sale of narcotic drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Although Judge Michael Peterson has deferred acceptance of the agreement until Waters’ May 18 sentencing date, if it goes through, prosecutors will dismiss five other drug-related counts against Waters.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Waters is eligible for probation, but could receive up to five years in prison.

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety records, an undercover officer purchased hundreds of fentanyl pills from Aaron Maddock, a Safford resident, on multiple days in February at a house in the 700 block of West 16th Street in Safford. The agency set up surveillance on Maddock and another suspect, Randon Ray, hoping to identify Maddock’s supplier. At the same time, the undercover officer continued his relationship with Maddock.

On Feb. 17, DPS officers pulled Maddock and Waters over for a speeding violation as they were coming back from Phoenix on Highway 70. According to reports, they found the fentanyl pills and heroin in the engine compartment of the car Maddock was driving. On the same day, officers also arrested Ray on an outstanding warrant as he was walking on Central Avenue in Safford.

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According to DPS reports, Ray told detectives he began dealing drugs in April 2020 after losing his job at the mine. He originally bought the drugs from a man in Tucson, but was later introduced to a “Mexican national” in Phoenix and he began buying two ounces of heroin and 700 fentanyl pills from him every three or four days.

Ray told detectives Maddock was originally one of his customers, but they ended up going into business together and Maddock began dealing for him, according to the report. He also said Maddock and Waters “had thrown in their share of money” to buy the drugs they were caught with on Feb. 17.

Waters admitted to going to Phoenix to pick up the drugs and to pitching in $300 for the purchase, according to the report. He said he wasn’t selling drugs for Ray, but said “he’d take the drugs out to the curb and give them to people.”

Waters was originally facing two counts of transportation or sales of narcotic drugs, two counts of possession of narcotic drugs and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Maddock is facing 16 felony drug charges and Ray is five felony drug counts.

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