Safford Ranger District

Safford Ranger District

SAFFORD — Fuelwood permits are available for purchase on each of the five geographic units (Ranger Districts) on Coronado National Forest.

Individuals interested in obtaining fuelwood permits on the forest are encouraged to contact the appropriate ranger district office as detailed below for information on the district’s fuelwood program and instructions on how to obtain permits. Applicants are advised to be prepared, check the weather forecast before going out and let someone know where your collection area is your expected return time.

In the Safford Ranger District, fuelwood permits are available for purchase year-round. The cost is $20 for four cords of soft wood (pine, spruce, aspen, and fir) or one cord of hardwood (oak, juniper, and mesquite) with no limit on the amount of fuelwood for personal use.

Applicants must provide a driver’s license, or state-issued identification card, and the year, make, color and license plate number for the vehicle(s) that will be used for collecting. Collection areas include the lower elevations for hardwood species, and from Arcadia Campground to Clark Peak for soft wood species.

When the road closes for the winter Nov. 15, soft wood may be collected from Arcadia to Shannon Campgrounds.

The permits are strictly for dead-and-down wood. No dead standing wood may be collected.

Maps will be provided with permits, which can be obtained at the Safford Ranger District Office, 711 S. 14th Ave, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Permits cannot be issued over the phone.

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