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Last year the Lindseys of Safford invited a few friends to fly over Safford and Thatcher dreaming of having their own balloon festival and it worked. The Graham County Chamber of Commerce is holding the Gila Valley New Years' Balloon Extravaganza Dec. 30 through Jan. 2.

The Lindseys’ dream is coming true. This New Year’s Day there will be 20 colorful hot air balloons in the sky being flown by pilots from several different states.

Susan and Greg Lindsey, the owners of AZ Air Ventures, invited a few friends to fly their hot air balloons in Safford last December and hoped one day they would be able to have a balloon festival in Safford. This December their dreams will become reality because the Gila Valley New Years’ Balloon Extravaganza will held Dec. 30 through Jan. 2.

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