Graham County Sheriff's Office

Graham County Sheriff’s Office

Following is a list of bookings from the Graham County Jail from Sept. 16, 2019, through Sept. 22, 2019. The listing includes the name, age (if available), charges arrested for and agency making the arrest. The listing does not include anyone who was cited and released who is not listed on the Jail Log Book or federal prisoners. All information is from the Jail Log Book at the Graham County Jail.

Abbreviations: SPD — Safford Police Department; TPD — Thatcher Police Department; PPD — Pima Police Department; GCPD — Graham County Probation Department; GCSO — Graham County Sheriff’s Office; DPS — Department of Public Safety; SEATF — South Eastern Arizona Task Force; EACPD — Eastern Arizona College Police Department; SCPD — San Carlos Police Department; UAPD — University of Arizona Police Department — Mount Graham International Observatory division; AZSP — Arizona State Parks Department.

September 16

Jessica Norton, 29, commitment order, GCSO. Noryn Moses, 35, shoplifting, SPD. Antony Goode, 34, shoplifting, SPD.

September 17

Kristina Sandoval, 26, possession of narcotic drugs, DPS. Brandon Gann, 24, warrant, GCSO. Jace Saiz, 22, warrant, GCSO. Jennifer Talley, 45, warrants, GCSO. William Butler, 33, warrant, GCSO. Andrew Arrellin, 37, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of narcotic drugs for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, DaPS. Maria Riley, theft, GCSO.

September 18

Gabriel Espinosa, 39, warrant, GCPD. Caluna Kindelay, 38, shoplifting, TPD. Warda Hassan, 22, warrants, U.S. Department of Corrections.

September 19

Brady Sparkes, 28, criminal damage, aggravated assault, GCSO. Ryan Hayes, 18, reckless driving, DPS. Jennifer Tarlton, 34, criminal trespass, TPD. Jerry Morris, 35, disorderly conduct, SPD.

September 20

Triston Dobson, 21, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of marijuana, DPS.

September 21

Jayson Gomez, 20, warrant, GCSO. Brandon Woodward, 27, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, DPS. Brenda Romero, 32, commitment order, GCSO.

September 22

John Quick, 31, probation hold, SPD. Krista Grisham, 39, criminal trespass, theft, SPD. Tawnah Villalba, probation hold, GCSO.

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