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The Graham County Sheriff's Office is continuing to search for a man accused of shooting another man in the abdomen with a pellet rifle March 30.

According to a GCSO report, a Pontiac Drive resident told authorities he was watching a movie at home when a friend came over and showed him a wound on his lower left abdomen that was still bleeding. The friend told him he'd been shot by a third man, but the victim didn't want to get paramedics or police involved. 

After the deputy found blood outside the victim's RV, but no victim, he asked dispatchers to notify other law enforcement agencies he was looking for the victim and the man accused of shooting him.

Roughly 90 minutes later, the deputy learned the victim was at the hospital. The victim told the deputy the man who shot him did so after first accusing him of hiding the man's girlfriend. 

According to the report, the victim said he didn't even know who the suspect's girlfriend was, told the man to leave three or four times and then pushed him off the steps of his RV. The suspect retrieved the pellet gun from a nearby vehicle and shot him from 10 feet away

The victim, who said he wants to pursue charges against his assailant, got a ride to the hospital from a lady friend.

According to the report, the man was shot six inches above his waist line. The deputy collected the man's bloody clothes as evidence and what was described as a "white and yellow glass meth pipe."

The deputy told the victim he wasn't worried about the pipe and would have it destroyed, according to the report. The deputy later dropped the pipe while placing it into evidence, breaking it.

GCSO Undersheriff Jeff McCormies said Monday deputies were still searching for the suspect.

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