Getting help in Graham County is about to get a lot easier.

Not only are Graham County officials updating the county’s list of local resources, they’re putting it online, too.

Want to know where to go for food assistance, counseling services, parenting questions and government assistance? Just check out the list.

People visit the Safford City Graham County Library all of the time and ask for local resources and their numbers are increasing due to COVID-19, supervisor Lesley Talley said.

“I’m excited to have a better knowledge of the resources we have in our community so I know where to send people,” Talley said.

The updated list will also help would-be volunteers pick organizations to work with, Talley said.

Stacey Scarce, the director of Our Neighbor’s Farm and Pantry, said the list has nine different topics in it, including substance abuse resources, food, transportation and medical aid for seniors.

“Once it’s online you will be able to click on the website included and the link will take you to much more information on other websites. We want them to be able to find information quickly. Most people have a way to look online,” Scarce said.

Even people who have lived in the county for years don’t know about some of the resources available to them, she said. People often ask pantry volunteers and staff about what other resources are available to them.

By updating the guide and uploading it to an easier platform to access, Scarce hopes more people will be able to find out where to go for assistance.

Rosa Contreras, Graham County Health Department health program coordinator, has been reaching out to local organizations to enter their information into the directory.

“It’s essential,” Contreras said. “If you’re in need of information, employment, basic needs, advocacy, transportation, it’s one resource guide for the community.”

Over the past three years, Contreras said she is certain new organizations have moved into the county. Also, she suspects personnel changes have occurred and new providers are available.

Contreras hopes to have the list posted to the county’s website by Dec. 1.

Although it will be mostly online, the directory will also be printed at some point and placed at locations around the county, Contreras said.

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