PIMA- There may be new homes, more families, and a possible boost for the economy on the horizon for Pima.

The Eastern Arizona Courier contacted Pima Town Manager Sean Lewis regarding the new housing developments within the Town of Pima. According to Lewis, two housing developments are in the works to create a combined 70 new homes.

The smaller housing development, which will contain roughly 20 homes, will be located north of the Pima Cemetery on 400 West. This smaller division has already gone through the process of approval by the state, and the Pima zoning committee has approved its location.

The larger housing development, with plans to have 50 homes on its property will be located on the south end of Pima’s Main Street. This larger division is starting in its preliminary planning stage, and its builders told Lewis that it will be up for approval within the Town of Pima’s planning and zoning meeting agenda in February.

Both locations for the housing communities are currently empty fields at this point.

“It’s (community reaction to the new housing) been mostly positive. I’ve spoken with one neighbor who didn’t have a complaint but had some concerns about water runoff and drainage. But we feel that the engineers are addressing that in the subdivision and I think in the long run it’s actually going to help some of the water issues and the problems they have in the area right now,” said Lewis. “From (what) I’ve been told from people it’s positive. Both of them are the size of lots and homes that we need right now. It’s not the three and four acre lots that are selling on the west side of town. It’s more affordable, so our kind of our economic class has a better option of filling in. Much like the Pima South Estates Subdivision.”

Lewis told the Courier that these two new subdivisions would be plotted homes which are sectioned off and built as they are purchased. In 2019 there were approximately 40 homes started and completely built within Pima, and in 2018 there were roughly 30 homes built. When the homes are built depends on their plot sales. The location of these new homes would be on paved streets and will automatically be in the sewer system. The matter of the time of growth is what is in question. Pima South Estates opened selling lots in 2018, and they are mostly sold at this point. At this time, there are 5 homes under construction in Pima South Estates.

“Right now they’re lots,” said Lewis. “Just because we have 70 lots doesn’t mean that in 2020 those 70 lots will be sold and built on. No. It’s really hard to say. I think it’s going to jump. I think in 2020 it will jump a little bit more than what we did in 2019.”

Lewis estimates that there are roughly 4.4 people per Pima household. Until the 2020 census, however, the numbers are not currently calculated. If 70 families moved into Pima, Lewis estimated an economic boost could follow.

“Obviously when you have an increase in population it carries over into what we would consider the tax businesses, the restaurants, the Dollar Store, the Speedway. Probably even so much as the mechanic shops. It’s definitely a boost for Graham County Coop, they’re selling more water and more electricity. When Graham County Coop is successful, that helps make us successful,” Lewis said. “A lot of the growth we’ve had in the last two years is happening right before the 2020 census. The census is the biggest thing we can do for our economy. The more homes we can get built before July, and get those people recorded as living here in Pima the better, because obviously the higher our census numbers the better we’ll be economically for the next 10 years.”

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