Babette Pamela Justice Daley

“Babette’s compassion to the needy is an everyday occurrence.” That’s the first thing her father James said whenever he talks about his daughter.

Born in Ankara Turkey, Babette Justice Daley was born into a military family, her father a retired U.S. Air Force veteran. Babette grew up with a love of life, sports and family. Through the years, her focus and compassion grew into people and education.

While attending Eastern Arizona College she met and married Roger Daley, a local of Thatcher. Both were active in the community and their Church while raising their six children. Four years ago, one week before Christmas, Babette’s husband passed away. Though she faced hard times and anguish she used her loss and love to better others in the community.

Babette turned her faith and courage into a force of kindness. She teaches in the Relief Society at her Church, leading special sessions with widows and individuals in need of special care and support. She also works with the youth, serving two times as Young Women President.

Apart from her Church, Babette connects with others in the community who have experienced loss, providing them with anything from a meal, to a small “thank you” note just to cheer them up. Her daughters will often recommend someone in the neighborhood to Babette that they have heard need some help or just need a little pick-me-up.

Babette enjoys spending time with her family, including her 10 grandchildren. She recently opened her home to her 85-year-old father after he finished a mission in Tuba City, Arizona, allowing him to appreciate his daughter and her kindness even more than he already had.

“To feel the love those have for her, and she has for others around her needing help, I have been blessed,” said her father.

Her thoughtfulness and selfless compassion help a wide range of people, from all different walks of life, in the community and her Church, reminding them they are not alone, he said.

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