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Bryce Barnes and team

“Inspiring and revitalizing,” those are the words Adam O’Doherty used to describe everything Bryce Barnes does with the Nalwoodi Dezhone Community.

Bryce has been guiding and educating people for many years. In 2010, Bryce and his family moved to Globe and he began teaching on the neighboring San Carlos Apache Reservation.

He worked in youth ministry for several years. He then began teaching adult education and GED classes while at the Florence Correctional Facility, helping inmates rehabilitate.

Bryce has made it a point to work closely with locals of all ages in cooperation with the Nalwoodi Denzhone organization to provide fresh produce, a farmers’ market, educational programs, art classes and so much more to the Apache Reservation.

Bryce and the Nalwoodi community bring new inspiration that leads to new possibilities towards personal transformation, emotional well-being while also cultivating new skills for sustainable living.

Aside from his community outreach, Bryce says his greatest calling in life has been to be a loving husband and father to his five children.

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