After nearly 48 hours of fighting the same fire in the Gila River bed, Pima Fire Chief Scott Howell said the end is nearly insight.

"We're still out there working on some hot spots, but for the most part it is contained," Howell said. "Last night we were able to keep it from traveling up the wash into town and also keep it from getting to the Pima Bridge, which has utility lines and gas lines and stuff that goes across it." 

The chief said he still doesn't know "definitively" what caused the blaze, which began around 3 p.m. Friday close to Bryce Eden Road, but he knows it was started by a human.

On Friday night the fire had been reported as 90% contained. However, the fire found new fuel in the river bed Saturday and authorities were forced to close the bridge.

The exact size of the fire is also unknown at this point, but the only loss were some power poles, Howell said.

During the early hours of the fire, crews were only able to get breaks every two hours, the chief said.

No one was hurt and he was deeply appreciative of the help given by Thatcher and Safford firefighters, he said.

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