SAFFORD — A man with two active warrants tried to elude law enforcement on his bicycle but was foiled with the assistance of a Graham County Probation officer.

The cyclist, identified as 30-year-old Anthony Garcia, reportedly ran a 9th Street stop sign in front of a Safford Police officer. Locating Garcia on 7th Street, the officer activated his emergency lights. Garcia reportedly sped up, turned into the Court Street apartments and ran another stop sign at Court Street and 8th Avenue. According to the officer’s report, Garcia headed east before turning south on 7th Avenue. By then, a Graham County Sheriff’s Deputy had joined the pursuit.

Hearing the incident on his scanner, a probation officer exited the department’s Main Street office and ordered Garcia to stop. Garcia did not comply. The officer chased Garcia down on foot, catching up to him outside the fire station. According to the police report, he said Garcia lifted his leg as if to kick him. He pushed Garcia off the bicycle and held him down until the deputy arrived.

Garcia reportedly said he struck his head on a wall when he was brought down. He was evaluated and medically cleared by EMTs. He reportedly said he did not stop for the officers because he did nothing wrong, but it was learned he had two active felony warrants in addition to the traffic violation. He was booked into the Graham County Jail on the warrants.

The chase led to a second warrant arrest when Garcia asked police to take his bicycle and other property to his girlfriend, 27-year-old Jorden Simms. Before the officer went to Simms’ residence, a warrant check revealed she was wanted for shoplifting. Simms was arrested and booked without incident.

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