Misty Thompson

Local author Misty Thompson, whose book “By Your Side: A Journey of Two Sisters Through Love and Sacrifice” was published this April.

THATCHER — Author Misty Thompson’s first full-length work explored a family tragedy and its effects. Her experiences in writing that book have served as a springboard to help others.

“By Your Side: A Journey of Two Sisters Through Love and Sacrifice,” a slim 126-page volume, centered on the 1993 disappearance and unsolved death of Thompson’s sister, Stephanie Proffitt. The book, which she wrote as Misty Proffitt-Thompson, was released April 22 by Transcendent Publishing.

“It’s going really well,” said Thompson, now focused on marketing her current work and composing her next. “I’ve had quite a few people contact me directly. I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t put it down once they started reading it.”

Thompson said “By Your Side” has been an Amazon bestseller and that, in August, a website called Spirited Woman will include it in its top 12 summer reading list. “This is a true honor, because only women who have been invited or referred to her are included,” she added.

Meanwhile, Thompson promotes the book through radio shows, including a July 6 show in Phoenix called “Our Stories,” Facebook ads and a holistic speakers’ guild.

Her work earned Thompson an invitation to a late April women’s empowerment telesummit based on embracing the lessons in tragedy. “My presentation was about the grieving process,” she said. “I thought I had completed that process with my sister, but it wasn’t until I was writing the book I realized I hadn’t.”

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She said that, starting July 18, she will teach those lessons on a website called The Spirituality Center at Learn it Live. “Every week we’re going to touch on different aspects. It will be a live, interactive training reaching people all over the world.

Thompson, who sets aside an hour a day to write, said her next book would expand on the subject. “I’m really trying to help people. We all have tragedies; every tragedy is different. This book will be more of a how-to, and it’s on the lessons I learned writing the first one.

“It’s like a snowball effect. I did this book, and now it’s opened up so many new opportunities.”

“By Your Side” is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and through Thompson’s website, https://mistymthompson.com/.

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