SAFFORD — A man who allegedly created a disturbance in a local bank, over $40 from an automatic teller machine, was later arrested by Safford Police.

A Safford officer was dispatched to the National Bank of Arizona, 426 W. 5th St., where a man identified as Andrew Jackson Gilbert IV reportedly became upset over an ATM withdrawal. Gilbert allegedly entered the bank claiming he did not receive $40 from the machine.

According to a police report, bank employees said Gilbert began to yell, pound a desk and pace aggressively as they tried to help him. He allegedly invaded one employee’s “personal space” and threw his debit card at her as she tried to resolve the issue by telephone.

Gilbert then left, according to the report, only to return to the bank later. In the meantime, he was reported “harassing” construction workers at Mount Graham Shopping Center, but police were unable to find him there.

On Gilbert’s second bank visit, staff reportedly told police, he admitted receiving the $40 from earlier. When informed the bank no longer wished to do business with him, Gilbert reportedly began to curse and pace in and out of the building. When police were called a second time, he fled on foot.

An officer spotted Gilbert walking on the grounds of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, then encountered Gilbert leaving a restroom. Gilbert allegedly yelled at the officer to take him to jail and put his hands behind his back, then apparently thought better of it and started running. He did not go far before the officer took him to the ground.

Gilbert was then arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail for disorderly conduct.

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