SAFFORD — On Feb. 12, Safford Police arrested a wanted man who allegedly caused a disturbance at Mount Graham Regional Medical Center.

According to police, the man was reportedly assaulting an emergency room doctor; however, this turned out not to be the case.

Hospital staff allegedly saw the man, later identified as Alexander Wood, 36, crouching behind trash cans outside the emergency room. Staff told police Wood ran when they went outside, then returned to check himself in. Wood later told police he was suffering a panic attack. His demeanor was reportedly “very manic,” and police suspected he was under the influence of an illegal substance.

After checking in, Wood allegedly became upset when advised to put on a hospital gown and started to leave. He allegedly ran to the ambulance doors and started banging on them, and was restrained by staff and handcuffed by hospital security.

Taken outside by police, Wood was then arrested on active warrants, out of Graham County Superior Court, for possession of a narcotic drug and misconduct with a weapon. As officers prepared to replace the hospital security handcuffs with their own, he reportedly took off running. He reportedly ignored an officer’s commands to stop, continuing to run in the hospital handcuffs, then came up short when he tried to jump a ditch. An officer caught up to him there, and he was escorted back to a patrol vehicle.

Wood reportedly complained about his head and wrist. Outside the emergency room, he was evaluated by hospital staff, who reportedly said Wood’s wrist was not broken and his head was not bleeding. He was booked into the Graham County Jail for disorderly conduct and third degree escape in addition to the warrants.

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