Mosquito trap

Mosquito traps like this one are part of the Graham County Health Department’s strategy to monitor and control the biting insects.

THATCHER — Rain brings out the bugs, no matter how late the summer monsoon may be.

After being contacted about an uncomfortable mosquito population at the Thatcher splash pad, the Courier spoke with Brian Douglas, director of the Graham County Health Department, about the local mosquito population, as well as whatever diseases the insects may be carrying.

“I contacted Gavin Lawson, our environmental health supervisor, concerning the splash pad complaint. He mentioned he did receive a complaint last Monday. He drove to the splash pad and did not witness any daytime mosquitoes,” Douglas said. “He then contacted the Town of Thatcher. They said they are at the splash pad every morning and have yet to see mosquitoes. Our Health Department will trap for mosquitoes at the splash pad this week, then (the) Town of Thatcher will fog the area afterwards.”

The Graham County Health Department traps mosquitoes when there are complaints made. They use two different types of traps, one using pheromones and another using COT from dry ice. Once the mosquitos are trapped, the Health Department attempts to identify the species. Through testing, the department can determine the breed and if they are carrying diseases such as Zika and dengue fever.

“We are scheduled to start spraying next week, and I’ll instruct them to start at the splash pad,” said Thatcher Town Manager Heath Brown. “We also put out larvicide in areas where there is standing water to stop breeding.”

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