Miss San Carlos High School first and second attendants Erniessa Ward and Henriette Joey performed in traditional dress at their first-ever presentation at Fairbanks Middle School in Morenci last week.

There’s a toe guard made of cow’s hide curling up from the sole of a traditional San Carlos Apache moccasin that helps protect against the spines of desert flora. But what many people don’t know is that those same moccasins, usually worn at knee length, can roll all the way to the wearer’s thighs for extra warmth during cold weather.

That’s one of many cultural details Fairbanks Middle School students in Morenci learned during a presentation by San Carlos High School on traditional attire during Fairbanks' first-ever Native American Week.


Fairbanks Middle School sixth-grade teacher Raylyn Chee, far right, dances with students last week during a presentation by San Carlos High School. Chee was instrumental in helping the school celebrate Native American Week, in honor of Native American Month.

excited student.JPG

A student at a recent presentation by San Carlos High School seemed pretty enthusiastic about the opportunity to dance to traditional Apache drumming and song.


San Carlos High School students made the trek to Morenci for the first time ever to present for Native American Week at Fairbanks Middle School last week.

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