Smoke from the Bylas/Blackpoint fire rises upwards on April 8, 2021 near Geronimo. 

Both San Carlos Apache and Fort Thomas fire officials said Friday afternoon that the Bylas brush fire that started Thursday is currently being contained in the Gila River bed, and not a danger to lives or property in either community.

As of 2:30 p.m. Friday, Fort Thomas Volunteer Fire Department Chief McCoy Hawkins said the fire was "a good half mile" away from homes and structures in Fort Thomas. 

Dan Pitterle, the tribal fire program manager for the San Carlos Wildfire Department, said that as of Thursday night the fire had reached 3,200 acres, but no injuries had been reported. 

Frefighters have stopped the fire from moving north, Pitterle said.

The only structures damaged were a couple of older corrals that Pitterle said were not in use anymore. 

On Saturday morning an amalgamation of federal agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies will take over the management of the fire, while local firefighters will remain on the ground.

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