Most government employees will face the same punishment for being under the influence of recreational marijuana at work as alcohol.

The Towns of Pima and Clifton are taking a closer look at their internal policies now that it’s legal for their employees to smoke recreational marijuana.

Sean Lewis, Pima town manager, brought up the matter Tuesday night with his council members.

As things stand, Pima employees cannot use marijuana, but there is nothing in the town’s policy on how the town will reprimand its employees if they come to work under the influence of the drug, Lewis said.

Nor are there any exceptions in the town’s policy about those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, he said.

Lewis said he didn’t know if there should be an exception, but he’d like the council to consider the matter.

“I think we need a policy for the town, a policy that fits us,” he said.

A new policy will likely be on the agenda within the next three to six months, Lewis said.

Rudy Perez, Clifton town manager, said he is developing a policy to present to the council and it will include penalties for testing positive while on the job.

“My message to employees is, if you want to do that (ingest or smoke marijuana), it’s up to you,” but their employment could be placed in jeopardy should they test positive, Perez said.

Perez intends to present the matter to the council in February.

Safford City Manager John Cassella, Thatcher Town Manager Heath Brown, Graham County Manager Dustin Welker and Greenlee County Administrator Derek Rapier all said they have policies on the books prohibiting employees from having marijuana in their system while at work. Under those policies, employees who test positive for marijuana on the job are treated the same as those found to be under the influence of alcohol.

“We are currently in the process of working out the details and updating our policies with our risk pool and legal counsel,” Welker said.

Rapier has not reviewed Greenlee County’s policy on marijuana recently, but if it needs to be updated, it will be brought to the board’s attention and handled, he said.

Duncan Mayor Anne Thurman did not return calls seeking comment.

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