The Pima Volunteer Fire Department has a new tool in its toolbox thanks to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

The BLM recently gave the department a pre-owned Type 6 fire engine with $12,000 worth of tools and an an emergency radio.

Lathe Evans, an assistant fire managing officer with the BLM, said that new the engine carried a $300,000 price tag.

A few years back, when an engine reached so many hours of service, the federal government was required to sell them at auction, Evans said. Under the Trump administration and now the Biden administration, the policy is to transfer engines to rural departments that need such equipment and that agree to assist in fighting fires on state and private property. When such fires break out on state land, the departments are reimbursed, Evans said.

Type 6 engines carry 300 gallons of water and are more mobile than other engines when it comes to the desert and mountains, Evans said. They can carry up to six firefighters, who will be trained on the engine by BLM crews, he said.

Although it has surpassed the number of hours the BLM prefers, "it's still a good truck," Evans said.

PFD Chief Scott Howell is thrilled to have the engine.

"We appreciate BLM transferring this truck to us," Howell said. "Our current wildland truck is over 20 years old. This truck will allow us to better serve our town and fire district. We will also be able to respond to fires on federal and state lands at the request of BLM and the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management to assist them."

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