Pima High School

Pima High School 

PIMA- As a precautionary measure, the Pima School District will be closed Thursday.

The Pima Unified School District released a statement through social media on Wednesday night stating it has "received a report of exposure to an unknown illness" at the Pima elementary school.

“Out of an abundance of caution, while the County health department determines if this is in fact an incidence of coronavirus, Pima Schools will be closed for Thursday, March 12,” the statement read.

The Pima School District works on a four-day schedule, meaning that the district will be closed a day early this week. According to the report, additional information regarding extracurricular activities will be forthcoming in additional notifications.

“I’m just concerned mostly, for the sick kids and for all our kids as a community. I’m really hoping it’s not here in our county,” said Emily Rinehart, whose sons attend the Pima School District.

Earlier Wednesday, Pima Schools Superintendent Sean Rickert had said their response to the threat of the coronavirus has been similar to what it’s been in the past with the flu or MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

“We have put on some extra hours for cleaning and provide more attention on door handles and surfaces that kids and other people are likely to be touching on a regular basis,” Rickert said. “We have increased the amount of admonishments we give to students to wash their hands. We’re also making sure that any students coming to school that look ill, to make sure that they’re sent home.”

Rickert said they’re waiting to hear back from the county health department to see if any more drastic measures need to be taken.

“We’re (also) working with our food services provider to see what steps would have to be taken in case the school is closed to provide meals to students,” he said.

 Pima schools are scheduled to be on spring break starting Monday.

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