Once again, the Gila Valley showed up for those in need.

Last month, SEACUS asked community members for masks after noticing homebound seniors and their careworkers were getting sick with COVID-19.

The people at SouthEastern Arizona Community Unique Services provides meals, housecleaning and other services to roughly 200 seniors within Graham County.

The organization put out their plea and a grateful Stephanie Nabor, SEACUS deputy director, said the donations started coming in.

“We were able to get enough masks so that each participant has two to three masks to wear apiece,” Nabor said. “It was a big benefit, we’re really happy to be able to provide our services to our clients and to keep our clients and caregivers healthy.”

Although Nabor said SEACUS feared their clients would not like having to wear a mask while their direct care workers visited, this proved to be untrue. Instead, they appreciated them.

“Since we’ve implemented the masks we haven’t had any issues,” Nabor said.

There are currently 10 client direct care workers assisting elderly individuals within the county. In order to keep receiving care, the elderly clients and the families in the home at the time of the care worker’s visit have to wear masks.

The office is still accepting masks because SEACUS continues to take on new clients who need them, Nabor said.

“We’re just so thankful,” she said. “As soon as we request it, it is fulfilled by this community.”

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