SAFFORD — Learn, adapt and recover.

For National Recovery Month, Wellness Connections is teaming up with Eastern Arizona College’s Discovery Park Campus to put on the Recovery Under the Stars event Sept. 30, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The event is targeted for adults and free to the public. The event will include poetry reading, hiking, astronomy classes and historical exhibit galleries.

“We want to support National Recovery Month and further reduce the stigma of those with mental illness and other brain-based disorders such as addiction/PTSD., plus foster community inclusion of a diverse population of residents that exist where we live. That mentoring individuals in recovery and investing in their success is something the community at large can do, not just service providers, to increase opportunities for compassionate care to others,” said event organizer Kimberly Termain.

According to Termain, the event is designed to connect people to their community while educating them about the opportunities within the area that can benefit them, offering healthy coping alternatives for sobriety and emotional wellness management.

The event is also designed to increase personal productivity as well as educating individuals about the world around them.

Wellness Connections is a 501©3 organization and has been serving southern Arizona since 2002. The organization is peer-run, and focuses on life-enhancing opportunities for mental health, recovery and wellness. The organization is equal opportunity compliant.

“Our vision is to demonstrate and provide an environment in which people with addictions or brain-based disorders can be productive and vital to society. As a whole, we believe in erasing the stigma attached to mental health issues throughout the community and build self-esteem in our participants and staff,” Termain said.

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