THATCHER — A sweet reminder to be kind accompanied this year’s Red Out day.

Skyler Wren’s mother, Patti, worked with other mothers within the community to bake cookies and give them out at the Thatcher Middle School cafeteria as a reminder to be kind for Red Out day.

Skyler’s brother, Mark Wren, created the Save a Skyler anti-bullying movement in honor of the young man who took his own life as a teen. The Save a Skyler movement has been embedded within the community, its supporters usually wearing red #JustStopIt T-shirts. Red Out Day was celebrated on the Thatcher school campus, and students were all invited to wear red in an effort to remind students to be kind to each other.

The Save a Skyler movement also incorporates anti-bullying lectures as well as buddy benches at Graham County schools.

“My hope every year is to give everyone a reminder, a wake-up call to try harder. I need the wake-up call the most. Every day, I try to wake up and move in a kind, positive manner. Some days I succeed, and some days I fail. But I will always try again tomorrow,” Patti said. “You genuinely never know what others are going through. The way you treat them or the words you say have the potential to make a difference in the day or their life. Just keep trying.”

Working together, 15 local mothers baked 360 cookies for the Red Out cookie giveaway at Thatcher Schools. Save a Skyler volunteers were also selling Kindness is Contagious red shirts at the Eastern Arizona College Thatcher campus. The shirts sold out quickly.

“Patti is always up to something good,” mother Jenni Bryce said. “Moms rule the world. You can get anything done with a bunch of moms.”

“Like we always say, kindness isn’t a special occasion or a grand effort; it’s about small and simple things done every day,” Patti said. “We do the Red Out as a reminder — kindness is contagious, pass it on.”

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