Hit and Run

The driver of an SUV hit a natural gas meter, an electrical box and narrowly missed a post office box and fire hydrant in Thatcher’s Daley Estates. It was his second hit-and-run accident of the day, and he fled on foot following this crash.

SAFFORD — Hit, run, repeat.

One man began his wild ride in Safford, ended it in Thatcher only to flee the scene on foot.

According to a Safford Police report, the unidentified driver of a silver SUV first struck the front left portion of a black 2013 Kia on Aug. 4 at 5:12 p.m., the driver’s first damage done that afternoon.

According to the passenger of the vehicle, the driver of the silver vehicle was an older male around the age of 50 and had a beard. Also, the passenger of the Kia said there was a passenger in the SUV who also had a beard. Those involved in the first accident took a photo of the silver vehicle while it was speeding off.

At 5:46 p.m. that day, Thatcher Police responded to a hit and run in Daley Estates. According to the police report, the vehicle plowed through a fence and hit a natural gas meter, which was spewing copious amounts of gas. The driver of the SUV also hit a power transformer box.

Several Daley Estates residents had to be evacuated as Thatcher and Safford officers searched for the driver of the SUV, who had fled on foot. The driver was later identified to the Thatcher Police as being Nardy Huffman.

While the Safford Police were attempting to locate Nardy Huffman, the owner of the silver vehicle, Lacy Heider-Huffman, called to report that her vehicle had been stolen. The Safford Police officer noted in his report that Lacy Heider-Huffman is the wife of Nardy Huffman.

As of press time, Thatcher and Safford police departments were unable to locate Nardy Huffman; however, Safford Police interviewed Lacy, who said that she always leaves her keys in her car and erases all of her phone and text messages daily. Lacy also said she has been attempting to contact her husband but cannot, and that Nardy didn’t take the vehicle or have a driver’s license.

Thatcher Police Department placed an attempt to locate notice out on Nardy who, as noted by Safford Police, was involved in a previous hit-and-run accident.

The incidents of Aug. 4 remain under investigation.

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