Joyce Porter takes the inaugural drink of water from Safford pool's new water fountain. 

The City of Safford Community Pool has a new state of the art water fountain and water bottle refilling station thanks to a donation from Joyce Porter, who made the donation to the city in memory of her late husband, Robert Porter.

To honor both Robert’s 25 years of service to the city as its public works director, and to honor his memory, Joyce said she reached out to Lance Henrie, the city’s current public works director, and asked what the city needed. A water fountain and water bottle refilling station for the city pool was the response, the cost, close to $5,300, which Joyce agreed to pay.

Robert was the city’s public works director at the time of the construction of the city pool. He was also the first person to ride down the pool’s slide, Joyce said.

On May 5, Joyce took the inaugural drink of water from the fountain at its grand opening ceremony, which Henrie, and other city officials attended.

“I’m glad to have it done. It’s been exactly four years since he passed away,” Joyce said, “He loved working for the city of Safford. He had a good time.”

Joyce was also presented with a plaque honoring her late husband and his decades of service to the city of Safford.

Asked to comment on how the water from the fountain tasted, Joyce said it tasted “like Safford water.”

The Safford Community Pool will be open to the public on May 21.

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