SAFFORD — In late November, Safford Police arrested a man for assault domestic violence after he reportedly left a woman with bruises, swelling and discoloration during an argument.

According to a police report, Michael Aaron, 31, was allegedly intoxicated when he assaulted his girlfriend at their residence. The alleged victim reportedly told police she also “had a couple of drinks.” Numerous items were reportedly strewn on the floor of the residence.

According to the report, responding officers saw the alleged victim’s injuries as well as blood drops in the residence and numerous items strewn on the floor. The woman also reportedly had blood, which she did not believe was hers, on her arms and legs. An officer then took her to Mount Graham Regional Medical Center and photographed her injuries. At the hospital, she reportedly told police she did not feel Aaron held her against her will.

The blood was apparently Aaron’s. When police returned to the residence, they found him sitting outside in a vehicle with blood on his right hand. Aaron reportedly said the alleged victim cut him with a machete; while searching the residence earlier, police had seen a machete embedded in a box on the floor.

Aaron reportedly denied striking the alleged victim at first, then reportedly said they “both fought a little bit.” Based on her visible injuries and that statement, Aaron was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail. The police report was forwarded to the Safford City Attorney for review of possible charges regarding Aaron’s claim of being cut.

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