Safford's Downtown

Downtown Safford has been designated an entertainment district, following City Council approval of a resolution to that effect. Now the city is offering incentives to improve existing businesses as well as develop new businesses.

SAFFORD — For those interested in starting up a business in Safford, the city has rolled out a small business support program to make that easier — and program applications are now available on the city website.

Applicants to the small business support program, which the city funds, may receive up to $10,000 in cash or fee waivers. They may choose from one or more of the following: Citywide facade program; first year business license fee waiver for new businesses, including any that relocate to Safford; building permit fee waiver; utility deposit and hookup fee waiver; assistance with zoning/building code requirements; and assistance with infrastructure improvements.

Recipients of fee and permit waivers, facade program awards, deposit and hookup fee waivers, and infrastructure awards will initially pay those costs, then be reimbursed upon project completion.

Projects must be located within the city and limited to capital improvements; those that create jobs will be given preference. Applicants must fund at least half of project costs, and submissions must be complete regarding all supporting materials.

Applications and program guidelines can be found on the City of Safford website at

Editor's note: This article was edited on Feb. 14 to update the link to small business support program applications and information.

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