Local News Safford Shoplifters

Marissa Hunter

SAFFORD - On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Safford Police dealt with a trio of shoplifting suspects at two stores. One suspect reportedly finished off a liquor bottle in sight of a Safford officer, while another was wanted on multiple warrants.

At around 2:15 that afternoon, an officer responded to Thriftee Market for a reported shoplifting. According to the police report, two sisters, Marissa Hunter and Calvina Kindelay were involved. Hunter, detained inside the store before the officer’s arrival, reportedly said she had taken some snacks for her children, hiding them in her purse. Kindelay, in a car parked outside, allegedly admitted shoplifting several shampoo bottles in her own purse.

Both were cited for shoplifting and trespassed from the store. Hunter reportedly stole $48 worth of merchandise, and Kindelay $20 in shampoo. Kindelay was released, but Hunter turned out to have four warrants from Gila Valley Municipal Court. She was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail on those warrants.

That night, at around 10:00, another shoplifter was reported at the Giant store, 750 S. 8th Ave. As the responding Safford officer entered the store, the suspect, identified as Joseph Villescas, stood at the checkout counter. In view of the officer, Villescas reportedly drank the last of a plastic bottle of vodka. The police report did not indicate the vodka was stolen, but Villescas had apparently tried to shoplift several candy items and two cans of beer totaling $20.

According to the police report, Villescas was too intoxicated to book into the jail. He was cited and released for shoplifting and public consumption of alcohol.

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